This is Kevin’s “Santa” frozen yogurt.

  1. Camera: BlackBerry 9700

I went to a student recital today, and the nickname of that concert for me is “Inspiration.” I remember that concert and realize that some of the things I’m sad or worried about just isn’t worth it. (項項, that means you.)

My friend Olivia plays in a quartet this semester. As much as she denies it, she is such a boss at managing so many things. Track and field, cello quartet, school work—and she’s good at keeping her calm. I just find her to be so…healthy.

I like to call her epic time management skills the “Olivia W Phenomenon”, or OWP for short.

And check out that black cello!! Say what!?

Awesome job at the recital, everybody!

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  • Obosa: it's nice to be reassured that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel
  • Me: ^_^
  • Obosa: ....a day at the end of the all-nighters ._____.
  • So the other day, my dog jumped on my laptop and popped a key off.
  • Me: kirby popped my "z" key off -__-;
  • Me: (and now i just fixed it)
  • SH: when do you ever have to use z
  • SH: he is doing you a favor

"Also, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that "everybody" did/can do something that you didn’t/can’t do. That feeling of isolation and inferiority is what makes students feel incapable, hopeless, and eventually, causes them to resign to failure.

You made a small mistake. Oh well. But at least you understand it, and you know what? 10 years from now, you’re not going to be worrying about “that time I didn’t use t-test” or whatever. But you’re going to be glad that you had the opportunity to go to an awesome school, challenge your scholastic abilities, and learn a bunch of stuff that most people will probably never have the opportunity to learn.

You’ll be fine. You’re a smart woman. Keep your head up!”

— If I had a friend like Obosa in high school, I probably would have enjoyed my secondary education more.

I’m not sure how true sororities stereotypes on TV and movies are, but after watching Sydney White, all I can say is that I’m really, really glad my college doesn’t have Greek Life. 

Sarena, thanks for lending me Sydney White! Alex, thanks for helping me play the movie on the TV! Richard, thanks for watching it with me! I don’t feel so homesick and lonely tonight anymore. :)